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Once WebDAV is enabled at the account level by a Super Admin or by the OU Campus Support team, Level 10 administrators can setup or edit sites to allow WebDAV access, and then allow access for users with authority levels 9 and 10. Once WebDAV is enabled in OU Campus, a WebDAV client can be used to connect to the staging server.

Enabling WebDAV for the Account

Authority Level: Super Admin

For most OU Campus implementations, the administrator will need to contact OU Campus Support to request to have WebDAV enabled at the account level and for each site. Otherwise, WebDAV can be enabled at the Super Admin account level, and must be enabled for both the account and for each site under the account that you want to allow WebDAV access. Level 10 administrators can then configure access for users with authority levels 9 and 10. 

Enable WebDAV for the Account

  1. From the Super Admin interface for the account listing, click Edit.
  2. Locate General Settings > Optional Features > Enable WebDAV section.

Enabling WebDAV

3. Select the Enable WebDAV option and click Update.

Enable WebDAV for Each Site

  1. From the Site listing under the Super Admin interface, click Edit.
  2. Under the WebDAV section, select the Enable WebDAV checkbox.

Enabling WebDAV for the Site

 Allowing WebDAV Access for a User

Authority Level: Administrator Level 10

1. Navigate to Setup > Users > WebDAV Configuration and Access section. (This will only appear once WebDAV is activated at the account level.)

2. Select the Allow WebDAV access checkbox. This allows for file access to the staging server. If using OU Campus authentication, the password will be the same as what is used to log in to OU Campus. If LDAP is used, the LDAP password is used with the WebDAV client. If CAS and Shibboleth are used, a new WebDAV specific password must be set in the User setting screen to allow access via WebDAV. WebDAV access to OU Campus does not use CAS and Shibboleth authentication.

3. Note the WebDAV URL. This is used when configuring settings for the WebDAV client. The WebDAV URL listed in this section is the path to the account, not the site. A specific site or folder can be appended to it and used for the WebDAV client configuration.

Enabling WebDAV for a User

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