Enterprise Installations

An Enterprise installation of OU Campus for an institution is maintained on a server local to the institution. After such an installation has been completed, the Super Admin web interface can be utilized for managing the configuration for OU Campus. The administrator contact for an Enterprise installation can contact the Support team in order to request the latest version of the Enterprise Server Reference Manual

Contacting Support

The various components of OU Campus can be organized into the following hierarchy:

  • OU Campus Appliance (can contain multiple skins)
    • Skins (can contain multiple accounts)
      • Accounts (can contain multiple sites aka "projects")
        • Sites (contain web content to be managed)
        • User Accounts (aka login accounts)

The Super Admin screen provides administrators with an interface to add, modify, and remove accounts, sites, and users within an OU Campus skin.

Logging In

Login credentials to access Super Admin are usually provided to clients who have purchased an Enterprise implementation. Contact the Support team directly if as an administrator the Super Admin login credentials have not yet been provided. For SaaS implementations, contact a sales representative about purchasing Super Admin access.

The Super Admin login screen by using a URL much like the following:


Example of the Login Screen

Super Admin Login

Managing Accounts

Once logged in, the Super Admin interface can be used to create and manage OU Campus accounts, sites, and user logins. Click here to view the account management documentation.

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