Debugging XML

Having trouble getting your PCF to display correctly? Here are some helpful tips to get your page back on the right track. 

General Error Messages

Stylesheet Could Not Be Rendered

This error message indicates that the OU Campus system encountered an error parsing the PCF file. Some of the most common errors that are:

  1. An improperly closed XML tag in the PCF file.
  2. An undefined character entity in the PCF that needs to be defined in the DTD.
  3. The DTD file referenced in the PCF cannot be found.

Stylesheet Error

Specific Error Messages

Element Not Closed

In the following parsing error in the PCF, the error message specifically identifies the unclosed element, its type and location.

PCF Error Message P Tag

A look at the source code reveals that a <p> tag is started, but does not have a closing tag. The Source Editor also includes red highlighting for the element containing the editable region that the error is contained within.

Error Message P Element Code


Error Conditions without Error Messages

Not all error conditions throw an error message. 

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