Templating Best Practices and Troubleshooting

This page includes best practices and tips for troubleshooting when creating new templates. 


When an HTML template is updated, why does a page previously created by that template not get updated to use the new style of the updated template?

When a change is made to a template, it is not recursive. The change will be implemented and included when new pages are created using the updated template. To avoid this issue, utililze XML/XSL, which OU Campus™ fully supports. Using XML/XSL allows one style sheet to be updated and the updates are automatically applied to new pages as well as existing pages.

When clicking New, why are there are no templates from which to choose?

No templates available when clicking New, can be caused by the fact that no templates have been set up by the site administrator yet, or it could be that the Template Group assigned to the directory is empty. To check what Template Group is assigned for a directory, from Content > Pages view > click the Access icon. The Template Group assignment is listed and shows the templates that should be allowed to be used in the folder. To determine the templates that are included in that particular group, click Setup > Template Groups > Edit for the group. The templates that are included are checked.


No Templates Error Message

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