MultiEdit (The Other Page Editor)

The MultiEdit tag allows form-controlled editing for XML and other structured content. Administrators can create forms-based templates that present users with an easy-to-follow guide for adding content to a structured layout.

MultiEdit tags are a special form of OmniUpdate tag that allows a user to edit multiple content regions at one time on a page. A page can have several tags or a MultiEdit tag, or a combination of both. MultiEdit tags are surrounded by OmniUpdate editable region tags (div tags) with the button attribute set to hide (e.g., button="hide"). Only one editor tag should be used within a div; in other words, do not include a WYSIWYG Editor with a MultiEdit tag.

Note: If a web page has MultiEdit tags, JustEdit is disabled automatically for that page.

This page includes:

  • Screenshots: A rendered page and the MultiEdit form that created it
  • The code breakdown for that page
  • MultiEdit tagging reference

Additionally, please see following Training Tuesday presentation for more information:

MultiEdit (the “Other” Page Editor)


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Example of Published Page

Faculty Page Screenshot


Example of a MultiEdit Area

MultiEdit Area Screenshot


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Source Code Example

The following source code provides an example of code that renders the screenshots of the MultiEdit page and area. The example shows the com.omniupdate.div and multiedit tags in use as well as the attributes that can be used with each. For example, using the button attribute with a value of hide:


within the div tag.

The example illustrates how the combination of the mulitiedit tag encapsulated within the div tag creates each form field that can be edited. Further, the combination of attributes for the field defines the type, prompt, alt, and any options attributes. For example, if the type attribute for the multiedit tag is defined as text:


then a simple single-line form field is presented. The prompt attribute allows a label for the field to be created and the alt attribute can be used to define the on-page help text.

If the type attribute defines the form element as a checkbox, then additionally the options attribute can be used present the user with values. For example, the Office Days checkbox is defined by the following attribute and values:


Source Code for Page

<div style="float:right;font-size:10px;padding:5px;margin:5px;">
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="photo" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="image" prompt="Photo" alt="Choose a photo." path="/faculty/images/" lockout="yes" -->
<img src="/faculty/images/gharris.jpg" alt="Greg C. Harris">
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
Office: <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="office" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Office Phone" alt="Enter your office phone number." -->(555) 555-5555
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
Fax: <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="fax" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Fax" alt="Enter your fax number." -->
(555) 555-5556
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
Mobile: <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="mobile" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Mobile Phone" alt="Enter your mobile phone number." -->(555) 555-5557<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="ocation" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Office Location" alt="Enter your office location." -->
Lecture Hall 311
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
Office Hours: <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="days" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="checkbox" prompt="Office Days" alt="Enter your office hours." options="Monday:M;Tuesday:T;Wednesday:W;Thursday:Th;Friday:F;" -->
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="hours_start" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="select" prompt="Office Hours Start" alt="Enter your office hours start time." options="8am:8am;9am:9am;10am:10am;11am:11am;12pm:12pm;1pm:1pm;2pm:2pm;3pm:3pm;4pm:4pm;" -->
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="hours_end" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="select" prompt="Office Hours End" alt="Enter your office hours end time." options="9am:9am;10am:10am;11am:11am;12pm:12pm;1pm:1pm;2pm:2pm;3pm:3pm;4pm:4pm;5pm:5pm;" -->
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br>
Email: <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="email" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Email" alt="Enter your email address." -->
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --><br> </div>
<h3> <!-- com.omniupdate.div label="name" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Name" alt="Enter your name." -->
Greg C. Harris
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
<i><!-- com.omniupdate.div label="title" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Title" alt="Enter your title." -->
Professor of Chemistry and Microbiology<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --></i>
<b><!-- com.omniupdate.div label="education" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="text" prompt="Education" alt="Enter your education information." -->
Arizona State University, Ph.D., Chemistry
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div --></b><br>
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="biography" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="textarea" prompt="Biography" alt="Enter a short biography." rows="15" editor="yes" --> <p>Director for the Gallena Center for Distance Education. Dr. Harris is also the Director of <strong>Chemical Technology</strong> at Gallena University. Prior to these positions, Dr. Harris taught chemistry at Arizona State for over 10 years. Before coming to Gallena, He has been the Associate Manager for the Gallena Link-to Learn Initiative and has served as the director or co-director of numerous grant projects related to technology.
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="publications" group="Everyone" button="hide" -->
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="textarea" prompt="Publications" alt="Add or edit the list of publications." rows="15" editor="yes" --> <ul> <li>Harris, Greg C. and John Sampson. "Gian Chloroplast Isolation." Macrochemical Journal. 41(1-2), 875-350 (2008).
</li> <li>Harris, Greg C., Ben J. Tom and Greg P. Moore. "Determination of the Photochemical Absorption of the Lichen Using Photoacoustics." Photochemistry and Photobiology 39(2), 909-7195 (2008). </li> </ul>
<!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->


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MultiEdit Tag Reference

MultiEdit tags are encapsulated by OmniUpdate editable region tags (div tags) with the button attribute set to hide (e.g., button="hide"). Only one editor tag should be used within a div; in other words, do not include a WYSIWYG Editor with a MultiEdit tag.


com.omniupdate Tag Style
<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit --> 

OUC Tag Style

Transitional Style
<!-- ouc:multiedit -->


<!-- com.omniupdate.multiedit type="Type" prompt="string" alt="string" -- >



  • alt

  • prompt (Required)

  • section

  • tags 

  • type (Required)



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