Page Tagging: Examples

This page includes a few examples of tagging techniques that enable greater personalization to fit virtually any website design. Below are only a few common examples; for further explanation of any of the parameters shown here, please see:

Page Tagging Reference

Start Tags

A start tagwith a non-editable include file (no group tag added):
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="header" path="/z-navigation/mastheads/global.html" --><!--#include virtual="/z-navigation/mastheads/global.html" --><!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
A start tag with an editable include file (group tag added); please note that the CSS tag will go on the first line of the include file:
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="sidenav" group="z-sidenav-editors" button="202" path="/z-sidenav.html" --><!--#include virtual="/z-sidenav.html" --><!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
A start tag with an inline editable area (not an include; note the padding border and background color):
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="Text Full" group="Everyone" padding="3" button="106" bgcolor="white" border="#33FF00" break="break" --><!-- com.omniupdate.editor csspath="/omnistyles/mainbodythird.css" cssmenu="/omnistyles/mainbody.txt" width="799" --><!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->
A start tag with another editable include file (group tag added with footer button/bg/border attributes):
<!-- com.omniupdate.div label="footer" group="z-footer-editors" padding="3" button="109" bgcolor="white" border="#6633FF" path="/z-navigation/footers/legal.html" --><!--#include virtual="/z-navigation/footers/legal.html" --><!-- /com.omniupdate.div -->

Editor Tag

The editor tag goes on the first line of an include file (a page without a <head></head> or <body></body>):
<!-- com.omniupdate.editor csspath="/omnistyles/mainbodythird.css" cssmenu="/omnistyles/mainbody.txt" width="799" -->

Direct Edit Button

To place the login button code (direct edit button) somewhere on the page other than the bottom left corner (be sure this is not within an editable area or an include file):
<!-- com.omniupdate.ob --><!-- /com.omniupdate.ob -->

Date/Time Tag

The date/time tag (an alternative to the button code):

<!-- type="datetime" style="short" --><!-- / -->



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