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The Development category of the Support Site includes information pertaining to web development using the OU Campus CMS. Included in the Development section are two major subsections: Implementation and Templating.

The Implementation section includes information for migrating current sites into the OU Campus CMS. This includes overview information about site design including using CSS, server-side includes, reusing content, and switching from a development server to a production server. While a bit of information is provided at the Support Site, for new customers the Implementation Team provides the guidance for transitioning into the OU Campus system. For more information about the process and the Implementation Team:

Both new and existing users of OU Campus can utilize the Templating section to gain a better understanding of using, creating, and modifying templates. The Templating section includes reference pages that consist of an overview of the element, code syntax and example, and attribute lists and values that attributes can take. The reference pages are:

Page Tagging Reference

TCF Reference

Echo Var Reference

XSL Reference

System-level Parameters

Also provided are overviews and specific use of elements and variables, tutorials, examples and deconstruction of specific templates.

In addition to the Support Site, a recently written (2013) PDF is available regarding Page Templating. A peek at the table of contents reveals such pertinent topics as:

  • Creating the Initial PCF
  • Creating Editable Regions
  • Configuring Page Parameters & Properties
  • Converting the PCF to a TMPL
  • Creating & Expanding the TCF
  • Passing Directory Variables
  • And much, much more!

View or download the PDF:

Page Templating Tutorial

Note: The Firefox browser does not always render PDFs properly.

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