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The Implementation team has developed the OU Campus Content Migration Tool, which can be used to assist with the task of migrating existing content into OU Campus. This includes migrating content from a spectrum of content management systems, including (but not limited to) Serena Collage, Luminis CMS, and a host of custom, home-grown solutions.

The OU Migration Tool is just one of many utilities that the Implementations team uses to quickly and efficiently move content and generate support files compatible with an institution′s OU Campus implementation.

Migration to Version 10

Information for migrating from OU Campus version 9 into OU Campus version 10 are provided on the OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN). This is a free resource, but does require sign up. For more information about version 10 within the OCN:

OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN)

Contact support to sign up for the OCN:

Contact Support

The Support site for version 10 also provides an additional tool for migrating binary files into version 10 for use with the Binary Management feature. For more information:

Binary Management Migration Tool

Downloading the OU Migration Tool

The tool is available for download as a .zip file (windows) or .tgz file (Mac):


Using the OU Migration Tool

The OU Campus Content Migration Tool is a powerful pattern recognition application which has been custom designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of content within an OU Campus site. The tool is most effective when targeting elements of the HTML DOM. Built in functionality allows for the identification of the opening element only. The tool then copies the content within into a custom defined node in a resulting .pcf file.


Future development of the OU Campus Content Migration Tool has been halted, no changes, modifications, alterations, or bug fixes are currently scheduled. The OU Migration Tool is being provided, as is, and as a courtesy to our customers who wish to develop a migration plan using it. Each downloadable package comes complete with documentation related to the current build, 2.4.1. By downloading and using the OU Migration Tool you accept full responsibility for its use and application. Omniupdate, Inc., makes no warrants or guarantees about its performance or applicability to the content you wish to migrate.

If you would like assistance or support regarding the use and application of the OU Campus Content Migration Tool, please contact your sales representative for a Professional Service quote.

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