The Workflow works as a mailbox in order to facilitate the sending and tracking of pages for approval. Additionally, users can send messages directly from the Workflow. For more information about Workflow, please watch the Training Tuesday event: 



Workflow tab


The inbox is similar to a standard email inbox. Files awaiting approval and general messages sent to a user's account are read and acted upon.

The Inbox in the Workflow area is used to list all internal messages. Click a page subject to open the message. Once within the message, click on the "Page" link to navigate to the page to be approved, declined, or edited. (Please note that Level 0 "Reviewers" cannot edit files.)

You may also reply to or delete the message when viewing a message's contents. Use the trash can icon to delete a message, or check of multiple messages and use the trash can at the top of the page to delete multiple messages at once.

Inbox Snapshot

New Message Status

New Message icon New Message
Message Read icon Message Read
Pending Message icon Pending Message


Pages a user has submitted to other users are listed and tracked in the outbox.

The Outbox under the Workflow area is used to track jobs in the approval or workflow process. Once pages have been approved, they will be flagged as "Approved" and may be deleted from a user's Outbox.


Sent Message Status

Receipt Approved icon Approved
Receipt Declined icon Declined


By composing a message, users are able to communicate with each other within the application.

Compose, found within Workflow, is used to exchange messages between users within the application. By default, the "Send to External Account?" checkbox is checked. This will send an email with the composed message to the recipient's external account, as long as the user receiving the message has an email address on file. If no email address is on file, it will send the message within OU Campus™ only.

Compose Message

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