Settings/Preferences allows users to view and edit their information, such as password, external email address, and contact phone number. It also lists the user level user's approver, and other permissions. Level 8 users and below, can not change the User Restrictions or LDAP Login Information settings.

Users can navigate to the OmniUpdate User Information screen from Dashboard > Settings/Preferences.



Example User Information Screen

Settings and Prefernces


User Settings Description

The fields described below may not be available to all users as field availability is based on authority level. Lower level users will not see permissions such as upload, overwrite, and source code access. For more information on user settings, see the administrative documentation on creating and updating users.

Username The user name for this user (4-32 letters, numbers, and/or underscores). This is what the user will use to log into OU Campus.
Password May be up to 32 characters long (case-sensitive). Leave blank for LDAP users or to keep the current password. Even if a password currently exists within the system, this will be blank. This field will be hidden for CAS and Shibboleth users.
First Name First name of this user.
Last Name Last name of this user.
E-Mail External email address for this user. Necessary for approval messages, reminders, etc. Users that do not have this filled in will cause errors to be generated when others attempt to send files to that user.
Phone Contact phone number for this user.
Add to Dictionary Indicates whether or not this user can words to the spell check dictionary. If there is a check in the box, the user can add words.
JustEdit Enables JustEdit for this user if checked.
Page Check Turns on Page Check for this user. It may be checked by default if turned on at the site level.
Failed Login Notification Allows a Level 10 user to be notified when any other users are locked out of their account.
User Level The level of access (0-10) this user has in OU Campus.
Approver The user in the system who, by default, must approve pages for this user. The user Approver setting can be overridden by individual page settings.
Enforce Approver If checked, this prevents this user from being able to change the recipient of a message when a page is sent for approval.
Allow Upload If checked, this allows this user (Level 5 and below) to upload new files and images, including the ability to access Zip Import. Activates Zip Import for users Level 6-8 who already have the ability to upload.
Allow Overwrite If checked, this allows this user (Level 8 and below) to overwrite an existing file.
Allow Source If checked, this allows this user (Level 8 and below) to access the source code for pages. Level 9 users have access by default but access can be restricted for them.
Toolbar "None" provides this user with the default toolbar. By selecting a toolbar group in the drop-down menu, the administrator assigns a customized version of the toolbar (see Toolbar Group). Toolbar selection can be overridden per site, directory, individual page or region on a page.
Editor Selects a different editor for this user. Recommended that this is left to "Inherit" the editor for the site.
Auth Type Type of secure login method LDAP server uses.
Hostname Hostname of LDAP.
DN Full and complete DN. May look something like this: "cn=myusername,cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com". Please make sure the password is longer than 4 characters.

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