Viewing Current Projects

Current Projects displays a list of all the pages currently checked out to the user.

current projects tab

The user can click on the Name link to navigate to the checked out page where it can then be modified or published, or one of the options under Status.

The Status options include:
Checked Out Clicking on the lightbulb will check the page back in, which allows another user to make modifications to the page.
Scheduled The calendar icon indicates that the page is scheduled for publishing in the future. Click on the calendar in order to change the scheduled date and time.
Review The thumbs up icon indicates that the page is checked out to the user per a review/approver request from another user. Clicking on the thumbs up icon will take the user to the page to be reviewed.

Before leaving OU Campus™, check the Current Projects page to ensure that any pages that should not be checked out are checked back in. The page cannot be modified by another user if it is checked out unless an administrator checks it back in.

This page is also helpful when working on a large site with multiple files and directories as it provides a way to easily select a file to edit rather than navigate through the directories.

Pages Checked Out

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