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Send to Twitter allows users to automatically tweet when a page is published. Note: This feature does not insert any content from the page being published into the Twitter feed. For information about setting up Twitter accounts, please see the Twitter Admin page.

On Page Publish

Once Send to Twitter has been enabled in OU Campus, sending to Twitter is easy. Just above the final button to publish a page is a checkbox with the Twitter logo:

twitter checkbox


Checking this box slides open some new options for publishing:

twitter interface

First is the actual tweet that will be posted to the feed. This may already have some text if a default tweet has been created for the site. Enter the text to be tweeted in this text area.

tweet text area

Below that is a checkbox that will add a shortened link to the newly published page:

short url checkbox

Currently, the only URL shortener service available is

Finally, there is the list of available Twitter feeds that can be updated with this feature:

list of available feeds

Select the account(s) to which you want the tweet sent, and click on Publish.

Best Practices

Repetition: Twitter does not allow users to repeat themselves within a certain time period. If a user publishes the exact same tweet within a 24-hour period, the Twitter feed will not update with the new tweet. To avoid this, just change the tweet slightly and it should appear as usual.

Short URLs: The short URLs generated by are unique to each specific file that is published.  If a page is renamed or moved, the URL that was associated with that file will be invalid, and a new one will be generated when the page is published to Twitter.

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