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The Wordpress Plugin feature in OU Campus allows content to be added to blogs utilizing blogging systems, such as WordPress, through OU Campus. OU Blogs is compatible with almost all well known blogging systems that support XML-RPC. The blog must be set up outside of OU Campus prior to adding it to OU Campus. OU Campus is not a dedicated blogging system.

A blog needs to be set up by a Level 10 administrator in Setup before it can be posted to. For more information:

 Setting up a Blog

Selecting Blog

After a blog has been added via Setup > Blogs, refresh the browser. Users in the assigned Editors access group can access Content > Blogs
Blogs Tab

If more than one blog has been setup by the administrator, a list of blogs will appear. 

List of Blogs

Select the appropriate blog. This displays blog entries added through OU Campus as either drafts or previously published entries. If a blog post was added directly through the blog's host interface, the content does not appear on this screen. A blog entry can be added through OU Campus and later edited through the blog's host interface; for example, to add categories or tags. If it is edited again via OU Campus, the changes made through the native blog interface are kept intact. 

Keep in mind that if only one blog has been setup, this is the screen that will appear when first visiting Content > Blogs, as well as appear after selecting a blog if more than one blog has been set up.

Blog Content


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Creating New Blog Content

  1. Once within the desired blog, to add new content, simply click on New Blog Entry.

    New Blog

  2. This will produce a mini-WYSIWYG editor in which the new content can be added.
  3. Create a Title, and enter in the desired content.
  4. When finished, click Create.

New Blog Content

After creating the new content, it is displayed in a preview. From here, depending upon any approver or publisher settings, the options might include:

  • Editing content
  • Previewing the content
  • Publishing the content
  • Sending the content for review
  • Sending the content for approval

The options will depend on the access setting that were determined in the blog setup, and the user's settings.

Publishing a Blog Entry without an Approver

Blog Options

Publishing a Blog Entry with an Approver

Blog Options


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The Approval Process

OU Campus's powerful workflow and approval system allows monitoring of blog entries to ensure that only appropriate content is published. In the blog setup, the group members permitted to publish and the required Approver can be selected. This will ensure email notification is automatically sent when blog entries are ready for approval saving time and making the process of monitoring multiple blogs quick and easy. Entries can be authorized or declined, as well as edited by reviewers before publishing. 


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