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Images and other binary files (e.g., PDFs, videos, Flash files, Podcasts, etc.) are uploaded to the production server by default. These files never exist on the staging server. Web pages and other editable text files (like HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, XML, etc.) are uploaded to the staging server and must be published before going live to the production server. Binary files can be published can be uploaded via the Upload link (Content > Pages view). Image files can also be uploaded via the Image Editor in the WYSIWYG.


The ability to upload files is available for users with permission level of 6 or above. Users with permission level 8 or above have the authority to overwrite an existing file.

Lower level users (1–5) can be granted the rights to upload, including for using Zip Import. Zip Import is the ability to upload multiple files within a folder. Zip Import is available to Level 9 and Level 10 users by default and users Levels 6–8 through the user’s settings.

For more information, please note that the navigation menu on the right, entitled "IN THIS SECTION" includes the links to the actually pages for Uploading a File & Zip Import.

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