Scheduled Publish

Scheduled publish allows a page to be scheduled to be published at a future date and time. In addition, a Twitter tweet or a Facebook post can be attached to the future publish as it can with an immediate page publish. If a new RSS item has been added to a page, but not yet published, the RSS item is added to the feed and the feed is rebuilt with a new page publish. An alternative publish target can be selected with a scheduled  publish, if configured. A scheduled publish can also utilize the Include Unpublished Dependencies checkbox to ensure that any unpublished dependencies for the page are also published.

A scheduled publish can only be canceled or modified by the user who set the schedule or a Level 9 or 10 administrator.

Example of Schedule Publish Screen

Scheduled Publish Screen


Setting up a Scheduled Publish

1. After saving a page or with Preview, click the Schedule button. This displays the scheduling options.

schedule publish button

2. Click the date. Clicking the arrows at the top of the calendar scrolls between months. 

date selection

3. Select the time by choosing the Hour and Minute, which is specified in quarter hour periods. Optionally, select a period for which the schedule to repeat. Enter as a number for how frequently the page should be published and choose from the drop-down the period, or unit, for the number entered. For example, to publish a page every three weeks, enter three in the text field and choose Weeks from the drop-down.

time selection

4. Under Options, if configured and applicable, select any desired options for publish targets.
Schedule Publish with Target

5. Under Options, if available, select the Include Unpublished Dependencies to have any unpublished dependencies for the page published also.

Include Unpublished Dependencies

6. Under Optional Notification Upon Completion, a optional notification email can be sent when the page is published.

Schedule Publish Optional Notification

  • Enter a Subject for the email.
  • Enter the text of the email in the Contents field.
  • Select the Send to email? checkbox to have the email notification sent to both the OU Inbox and the external email account.

7. As with a non-scheduled page publish, a scheduled page publish can also include automatic updates to the social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, if this has been configured. For more information:

Sending to Twitter
Posting to Facebook

8. Click Schedule. A success message is shown.

Schedule Message

After Scheduling

A gold lock indicates that the page is checked out to the current user because the user has scheduled an action to occur. The action could be either a scheduled publish or scheduled expiration. The lock appears as a red lock to all other users.

If the page is checked out due to a scheduled publish, in the Publish column, a calendar with a small, green plus sign will appear. This calendar icon can be clicked on by an administrator or the individual who scheduled the page to be published in order to change the publish date and time or to cancel the publish.

Schedule Publish Icons

When the page is published, the notification email is sent through Workflow, and if the option checkbox was utilized, through external email.

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