Scheduling a Reminder

To schedule a reminder, click the reminders icon: schedule reminder icon. You will then be given the screen below to chose between scheduling a reminder or setting a stale page reminder.

schedule reminder details

Schedule Reminder

A page can be scheduled to remind you to take action in the future. Users must first select a date, then an hour. Optional items include a minute (in 15 minute increments). An optional notification email that you create will be sent to you on the set date and time.

schedule reminder details

Stale Reminder

Stale Reminders allow you to set the system to automatically send you an email when a certain page has not been updated for a set amount of time. Simply select the time period and fill out an optional external notification email that will be sent to you when the page has been stale for the set amount of time.

NOTE: The stale page reminder checks from the last published date and time, not the date and time that the stale reminder was set.

schedule expiration details

To change the scheduling for any file, go to the Scheduled Actions tab.

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