Send for Approval

If the Publish Now and Schedule buttons are not available, or a review of the page prior to publication is desired, use the Send for Approval button. A Send to User button is shown if the user has publishing rights but would like to send the page to another for review.

Send for Approval or Send to User

When the Send for Approval or Send to User button is clicked, a mail window is displayed. Sending the page to a user transfers the checked out status from the current editor to the person to whom the page is sent.

Mail Message Window

Sending for Approval

  1. Select the user from the drop-down next to the To field. If an approver has been enforced, the To field is auto-populated, and there will not be a drop-down available.
  2. Enter a Subject.
  3. Enter a Message to the user to whom the message is being sent providing any necessary information.
  4. The checkbox next to Send external email allows the request for review to be sent to the user’s external email address as included in the user settings. This allows the user to receive an indication that action is to be completed without having to log into OU Campus. Unchecking this option will only send the message through the OU Campus system.
  5. Click Send.

Reviewing a Page Sent for Approval

If a page was sent to a user for review, once received, the page can be opened directly from the Workflow inbox. The options made available may include:
• Publish Now
• Schedule
• Send to User
• Decline & Keep
• Decline & Revert
Publish Now, Schedule, and Decline & Revert may not be available based on the permissions.

Approver Toolbar

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