Editing Page Properties

Page properties can be used to control preconfigured aspects of a page, such as supplying meta tag content, disabling content regions, selecting keywords, and much more. The view the icon for editing page properties, the page must be checked out. Users level 5 through 10 have inherent authority to edit page properties. The available page properties depend upon template design. The fields available during page creation also include the page properties. 

Editing Page Properties

  1. Check out a page.
  2. Choose one of the following to edit:
  • Click the Edit Properties icon as show below:

Icon Location

  • Click the Props icon on Page Actions toolbar as shown below:

Preview Location

3. This displays the editable Page Properties. 

Example Page Properties

Page Properties


Page title and meta keywords and description are frequently encountered in the page properties window; however, there are no required page properties. Other common property fields include meta author, abstract, and expiration date. Template designers might also use page properties to allow for flexibility in choosing a page layout or in including a navigational element. 

Dynamic Page Properties

Nearly any aspect of a page may be controlled by this screen. In addition to text input fields, page properties can include:

  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down selectors
  • Radio buttons
  • File choosers

Page Properties -- More

Advanced page properties window


Advanced form fields restrict the type of content that can be passed into a page property. Dropdowns and radio fields restrict selection to a single value, while checkboxes allow the user to select multiple values. The file chooser field allows a user to browse the directory tree; then, after the user selects a file, a valid, absolute path to the file is automatically substituted into the file chooser field.

In addition to the advanced configuration parameters, meta tags are also supported and will appear in the meta section at the bottom of the page properties window. The page title always appears at the top of the window.

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