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Using Page Check

Page Check can be configured by Level 10 administrators. It includes the ability to check the page's spelling, links, W3C compliance, and accessibility compliance. The administrator may configure the options to enable it for all users, allow users to enable/disable it for themselves, or choose which users have access to it. After activating Page Check, a check is run by clicking on the Check button in the page view or the check icon from within the folder structure.
Page Check Icon

Click on the green arrow next to each check to be run. Page Check


If there are any identified errors or warnings, click on the New Win link.
Page Check Results

Errors Reports

Each of the four types of checks provides reporting of the errors that were discovered.

Spell Check

Spell Check utilizes the OU Campus global dictionary, as well as a custom site-wide dictionary, to spell check a page. Administrators can grant access to users to add words to the custom dictionary. Any words in the custom dictionary will be ignored by the spell checker.

When errors are encountered, the error report displays any misspelled word and, within parentheses, the number of occurrences of that word. If the word is not misspelled, it may simply need to be added to the custom dictionary.
Spell Check Report

Link Check

Link Check checks the links for both internal and external links and identifies any broken links, as well as any warnings. A legend identifying the icons is shown at the bottom of the screen.
Link Check Report

W3C Compliance Validation

W3C Validate identifies any W3C compliance issues with the page.
W3C Report


Accessibility Check

Accessibility Check identifies any issues that may be present relating to the type of accessibility standards selected in Setup > Account. The report can include known issues, likely issues, and potential issues.

Known Accessibility Problems


Likely Accessibility Problems


Potential Accessibility Problems

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