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After editing a page and saving changes, or when previewing, the Page Actions toolbar is shown at the top of the screen. The page is still checked out. The page is available for editing the page and its properties, previewing changes, checking links and perform other functions. More importantly, the Page Actions toolbar provides the options to publish or approve changes. Many of these items of functionality are the same as found with the Content > Pages view.

Page Actions Toolbar Icons

Page Actions Icons

Depending on the authority level of the user, there are a variety of tasks available. For more information about each action:


Once you have saved the page, you may wish to proceed with the Publishing process. If you have no approver, or you are at the end of an approval sequence, you will see the "Publish Now" and "Schedule" options. Depending on your position in a mandatory approval sequence, you will see only a subset of the larger buttons on the right.  For more information about each action, please click on the appropriate button or follow one of the following links:

Edit Page Properties Preview Source Editor Compare Link Checker Revert Access Backup RSS Publish Schedule Send to User Send for Approval

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