Creating New Pages and Directories

In addition to editing current pages, it may also be possible, based on permissions, to create new pages and directories.

The system is configured with templates, which are utilized to create new sections and pages. These templates allow for the pages to be configured uniformly and have a consistent look and feel. The available templates will depend upon the structure created by the administrators.

New Page

To Create a New Page

  1. Navigate to the correct folder within the directory structure.
  2. Click New from within the folder structure.

    New Page or Directory Link
  3. Select the type of page to be created.

    New Page Chooser
  4. Click Create.

Each selection will present its own page properties, which must be completed in order for the page or directory to be configured. Complete the requested information. For more information:

Page Properties

Important Note: Remember to keep the extension of .pcf when naming files. If this is extension is changed, the page will not render appropriately, including that the header, footer, and styles will not be available.

To Create a New Directory

  1. Navigate to the directory where the new will be subordinate to.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select New Section. If not available, do not create a new directory by using New Folder. If New Section does not appear, contact the administrator. The section template(s) will contain all of the necessary files to make the pages within the new directory render correctly. New Folder should only be used if a binary file is needed (e.g. images, files, PDFs).
  4. When creating a new directory, please adhere to the following standards for OmniUpdate. Only lower case letters, number, hyphens, and underscores are allowed to be used. For example, "a-directory", "a_directory", and "1directory" are fine, however "aDirectory" and "adirectory!" are not.

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