Reverting a File

Revert enables any previously published version of a page (or an include file) to be restored.

Viewing the Revert List

Every time a page is published, OmniUpdate creates a special copy of the page, a version that is stored in a special way. This versioning system enables a previous version of the page to be restored.

To view the list of all versions of a page:

1. Check out the page.

2. Click the revert icon Revert Icon. This displays the list of revisions. The list of previous versions includes:

  • Revision number
  • Date and time
  • Code Preview: Displays the XML code for the page
  • Preview: To review the version before reverting
  • Author: User who published the version
  • Representative icons indicates how the version was created: a standard publish, scheduled publish, or manual back up
  • Message: Version description that was added at the publish of the particular version

Revions List

Reverting a File

  1. Click the version number to revert to.
  2. Click Okay.
  3. A success message indicates that the version can be edited, published, or sent to an approver for review.
  4. Publish the page to push it to the production server.

Note: after reverting a file, you must publish the file to make it live on the production server. Simply reverting the file does not publish the file without your explicit permission. Should the user or individual file require approval, the file will be passed along the intended approval path before it can be published.

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