Renaming a File

Users assigned to Levels 8, 9, and 10 have the ability to rename files, and Level 8 users can only rename files to which they are assigned access rights.

Renaming a File

To rename a file, simply click the Rename icon shown in the file list found by navigating to Content > Pages.

After clicking the Rename icon, a dialog appears on the screen showing the current name of the file. Select the file name by clicking and dragging over the name itself; then type the new name for the file and click "Rename."

rename file screenshot

Please note that renaming a file changes its name on both the Staging and Production Servers.

If Dependency Manager is turned on, a prompt will appear when renaming a file indicating how many pages will need to be republished should the rename process be completed. To continue, click "OK." This will republish the page based on the current version of the page on the live Production Server with the new Dependency links. If changes have been made but not published to the live site, those changes will still not be published to the live Production Server but will be available in OU Campus- and still saved on the Staging Server. This includes backed up versions.

Renaming a File or Directory:
Renaming a File or Directory

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