Directory Move and Rename

Only users assigned to levels 8, 9, and 10 can move or rename folders, and level 8 can rename folders to which they are assigned access rights. Further, level 8 users can only move folders from and to folders which they have assigned access rights.

NOTICE:The ability to rename or move a folder requires proper FTP server support. If you experience an error when attempting to rename or move a folder, chances are your FTP server may not allow this action to be performed or may need to be configured to permit folder renaming and moving.


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Renaming a Folder

To rename a folder, simply click the Rename icon shown in the folder list found by navigating to Content Tab > Pages. After clicking the Rename icon, a dialog appears on the screen showing the current name of the folder. Select the folder name by clicking and dragging over the name itself, then type the new name for the folder and click "Rename".

rename folder screenshot

Please note that renaming a folder changes its name on both the staging and production server.


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Moving a Folder

To move a folder, simply navigate to Content Tab > Pages, and click the move icon associated with the desired folder. A dialog will appear asking you to "Choose new location" for the folder. Navigate the list of directories until you find the desired location. You may either click the directory and view the contents of that directory, or click "Choose" next to the directory name. To move any folder to the root directory, simply click "top" then "Choose this directory" in the top right corner of the dialog.

move single folder screenshot

Please note that moving a folder changes its location on both the staging and production server.


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