Backing Up a Page

Although a unique version of a page is saved in OmniUpdate's automatic version control system every time a page is "Published", users can also create a version or "Backup" at any time. For example, after editing and saving a page several times, a user may wish to create a permanent version or backup of their page before moving on with further edits. The "BackUp" function is used for this purpose.

The Backup Button

Click the "Backup" button to create a new version of a page in OmniUpdate version control system. The "BackUp" button can be found in two areas of the system. The page must be checked-out to enable the"BackUp" button. The "BackUp" button can be found in file list found at Content > Pages, and in the Page Actions Toolbar.

Backup Icon

The Backup Action

Clicking the "BackUp" button will prompt the user to enter a message for the version control system.

backup options

This message will be listed as a help to anyone who attempts to "Revert" the page at a later date.

backup options

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