The MultiEdit editor allows form-controlled editing for XML and other structured content. Administrators can create forms-based templates that present users with an easy-to-follow guide for adding content to a structured layout. Templates can include both style-free form fields and WYSIWYG content editing areas.

A page that is setup to use MultiEdit will include the following button:

MultiEdit Button

MultiEdit can be set up to show only the forms-based editor rather than an editable region with the WYSIWYG Toolbar. It can also be configured so that both editors are available.

Note: If a web page has MultiEdit tags, JustEdit is disabled automatically for that page.

The form template can be designed so that only a specific type of information can be added. For example, content types include text area, radio button, Asset Chooser, check box, drop-down selection box, or image inserter.

MultiEdit tags are a special form of OmniUpdate Tag that allows a user to edit multiple content regions at one time on a page. A page can have several tags or a MultiEdit tag, or a combination of both. MultiEdit tags are encapsulated by OmniUpdate editable region tags (div tags) with the button attribute set to hide (e.g., button="hide"). Only one editor tag should be used within a div; in other words, do not include a WYSIWYG Editor with a MultiEdit tag.

For more information, please see:

MultiEdit (the “Other” Page Editor)

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