Using JustEdit

JustEdit is a special, limited editor that allows a user to edit content directly from the edit options screen without having to go into each individual editable region. It is meant for making quick, minor changes and encompasses a basic set of editing abilities.

JustEdit Example

It is important to note that only inline regions are editable with JustEdit, and that JustEdit currently only works in the Firefox browser.

The JustEdit editor must be enabled by a level 10 administrator before users can use JustEdit. An administrator can can set the editor to be user-enabled or enabled by default.


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Enabling JustEdit for a User

If the administrator has configured JustEdit so that it can be enabled on a per-user basis, any user may enable that for themselves from the interface.

  1. Click Dashboard > Settings/Preferences.
  2. Under the User Preferences, select the JustEdit checkbox.
  3. Click submit.

The JustEdit editor will now be available for page editing.


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Using JustEdit

To start using JustEdit, simply select a page to edit. If the page has not already been checked out, an Edit/Check Out button is presented at the top of the page as shown in the figure below.

To edit a region on the page, position the cursor over it and start editing. A basic assortment of toolbar options are available by clicking the right mouse button over the content selected.

To save a page, click on the Save All Changesbutton accessible at the top of the screen.


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Supported Browsers

JustEdit is currently available on the Firefox browser only. To get Firefox, download the latest version from Mozilla's website at


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