OU Campus™ Overview

The OU Campus interface provides content contributors an intuitive way to manage web pages and repurpose content. The layout of the OU Campus content management system (CMS) consists of a tabbed interface. Each tab includes a horizontal menu of related functionality. Clicking on a menu item reveals a panel. This view includes various navigation elements to deeper levels functionality, which can range from tasks such as checking system mail to uploading new image files to adding RSS feed items to adding third-party programs to the system.

The CMS includes workflow and allows an approval process to be put into place. Content contributors will either have the ability to publish pages once they have finished editing them, or they can send the completed pages to a designated approver as defined by the workflow.

Pages are checked out to only one user at a time to prevent users from overwriting each other's work. The system changes who the page is checked out to based as the pages move through the workflow system.

Content contributors only have access to content to which they have permissions to edit. Also, when contributors create new pages, preconfigured templates provide consistency to the overall web site design. The CMS uses authority levels and permissions to provide access to various functionality. This provides great flexibility in that content contributors can focus on editing content rather than trying to navigate or understand a complex system.

Administrators (User Levels 9 or 10) can add, enable, and disable functionality as needed. Permissions can also be implemented at several levels, for example, at an account, site, user, or even page level.

The OU Campus CMS has several features that allows for easy repurposing of content. For example, assets can be created for various types of content that can then be inserted on any page. Snippets can be used in a similar fashion, but allow for editing after insertion. Include files can be used. XML/XSL can also be used to re-purpose content.

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