OU Campus User Basics

The OU Campus Basics portion of the Support site includes information that can be used to quickly get started using the system. These pages are intended for any user getting started with OU Campus or that needs a brief overview of a specific functionality or a step-by-step explanation of its use. The topics range from using the DirectEdit method of logging in to edit a page to publishing to Facebook and Twitter. This section starts with an overview of OU Campus, a few tips for navigating the interface, and a little information on how to get started editing using the WYSIWYG Editor.

Other topics include workflow, using the Dashboard, checking pages in and checking pages out, utilizing assets and snippets, and adding RSS feed items.

For more details about setting up functionality used in OU Campus (such as the features just mentioned), level 9 and 10 administrators should refer to the administrator portion of the Support site:

For adding functionality through templating, template designers may refer to the Development section. It contains general information for planning content regions and migrating sites to the OU Campus CMS, and for template development using XML and XSL:

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