Setting Up Groups

Users that have been created can then be added to groups. Groups play an important role in the configuration of access settings to implement workflow. They are used to assign access to areas within the site and to designate readers, publishers, and access to page templates. Individual users can be added to as many groups as necessary in order to configure the site properly.

It is possible to create empty groups if they are needed during the implementation process. Use the Custom Reports to confirm that the users have been added to the appropriate Groups as necessary.

Functionality settings are not assigned to a group. Only users can be assigned to a group and then a group can be used for assigning:

  • The production server, access to sites and publish targets, directories, pages, editable regions, assets, Twitter, Facebook, and templates
  • Individuals to be identified as publishers for sites, directories, pages, assets, blogs
  • Editors for blogs

The Groups Button

To add, edit, or delete a group, navigate to Setup > Groups.

Groups button

Please note you must be logged in as an administrator to see these buttons.

Groups list

Groups can be defined during the implementation process if:

  • Restrictions on editable regions to a particular group are desired
  • Access settings should be set during new section or new page creation
  • Certain page properties should be granted to particular groups

If any of these requirements are desired, they will need to be built into the templates, and they should be discussed prior to the initial building of the templates, or at the very least, during the reviews of the templates prior to any content being migrated. The Groups created as part of this process can be left empty until the users are created and/or imported into the system, but the initial creation of the empty group will allow for the group to be included in the page templates.

Please note that a group called Everyone exists that includes all users; this group cannot be modified or deleted. This group is often helpful when tagging parts of pages. Also note that the Edit and Delete links are grayed out for the "Everyone" Group and are not accessible.

Keep in mind that the group name cannot be changed once saved.



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Create a new group

  1. Click on New Group in the upper, right-hand corner of the Groups window.

    New group naming panel

  2. Give the group a name. Keep in mind that this cannot be changed once saved.
  3. Click Submit.

    New group naming panel

  4. Select the user or users to be added from the Available Users list. User the CTRL (Windows) or CMD (on Mac) key to select multiple users.
  5. Click on the green plus sign to add the users to the Members list
    Add New Members To Group

  6. Click Submit when done.

In addition to adding users as described, it is possible to:

  • Add all users in the Available Users list to the Members list using: Add Members Icon
  • Delete selected users from the Members list using: Delete Members Icon
  • Delete all users from the Members list using: Delete All Users Icon

Groups can be edited at any time by clicking on the hyperlinked group name or the wrench icon. Remember to commit all changes using the Submit button.

If a group needs to be deleted, use the trash can icon. Remember, this will affect any setting to which this group was assigned.


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