Setting Up Toolbars

Toolbars give administrators the ability to modify specific toolbar functions for individual users, individual pages, or for whole directories or sites (if not set at the page level). That is, toolbars can be configured and can be applied to a user, site, directory, page, or editable region. This makes it easy for administrators to decide exactly which toolbar functions (individual icons) should be turned "on" or "off" for anyone, any web page, or page edit region during editing.

Toolbar tab

To create and modify custom Toolbars, navigate to Setup > Toolbars. To modify an existing Toolbar, click Edit next to its name. To create a new Toolbar, click the New Toolbar link. Give the new Toolbar a name, then simply uncheck the icons that are to be disabled in that toolbar set. Finally, select the desired default Paste drop-down Options, and click Create Toolbar to confirm your choices.


After one or more Toolbars have been created, assign it to one or more user profiles, or assign it to one or more pages. In cases where a Toolbar is assigned to a user, and a different Toolbar is assigned to a page, the page setting overrides the user setting. To understand why these settings can be over-ridden, review the Precedence section of the Workflow Overview page.

Toolbar Setup Shows All Icons

Assigning a Toolbar to a User

A Level 10 administrator can assign a Toolbar to an individual user. Assignments to a user are account-wide.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users
  2. Click the username or Edit icon. 
  3. Under User Restrictions, for the Toolbar, select the desired toolbar from the drop down menu. If None is the only choice, then no toolbars have been created for the account.

Assigning a Toolbar to a Page, Directory, or Site

Once a custom toolbar has been created, access settings can be assigned to apply that custom toolbar to a directory, site, page, or editable region. To assign a toolbar to the site, directory, or a specific page, click the Access icon, and select the appropriate toolbar name in the Toolbar drop-down selector. Edit regions can be assigned a toolbar within the TMPL file of a template. Review the Editor Tag section of the Tagging Reference page for more info on assigning a Toolbar to an edit region.

Toolbar Assignment in the Site Record

Toolbar Assignment in Site Record

Toolbar Assignment For a Directory

Toolbar Assignment for a Directory

Toolbar Assignment For a Page

Toolbar Assignment for a Page

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