Setting Up Template Groups

A Template Group is a group of templates that can be applied to any directory within the site. By using Template Groups a Level 10 administrator can define which templates will be made available in a certain directory to ensure that only the templates that are relevant and appropriate for that directory are selected upon new page or section creation. This helps to keep the website organized and consistent. By using Template Groups with Templates, different templates can be defined on a per user group basis, as well as on a directory basis.

Creating Template Groups

Template Groups are created in Setup > Template Groups
Setup Template Groups

Prior to creating the groups, it is advised to map out the appropriate correlation between templates and directories in order to determine how many groups are needed. Note that any directory without a specified template group (i.e., a template group selection of None) users will see ALL of the templates to which they have access as defined in the Templates selection.

To create a new group:

  1. Go to Setup > Template Groups.
  2. Click on New Template Group (found in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen).
    Template Groups
  3. Name the new group. The name of the group should allow for easy identification. The Template Group Name will be listed in a directory's Access settings drop-down to assign it to that directory. For example, a site has a directory that contains only faculty biography pages. Among all templates, there are two templates that can be used for faculty pages. A Template Group can be created called Faculty and both templates can be included, the Template group is then assigned to that directory's Access settings. When creating a new page in that directory, only those two templates will be available.

    Template Group Properties
    Select Show New Folder checkbox to enable the new folder option when New is selected. This option is included to allow users to create empty folders such as those for images, snippets, and documents. This option is not selected when it is preferred to use a template defined to create a new section, which includes automatic file creation as well. When using a section template that requires the automated creation of includes and other files, it may be advised to clear the New Folder checkbox. This ensures that only the appropriate New Section template is used.

    New Folder for Templates

  4. Select the check box under each templates to be added to the template group.

    New Group Creation
  5. Click Create.

It is possible to create a template group with no templates selected. This can be completed with New Folder selected or unselected. When an empty template group is assigned to a directory, users will see the New button; however, they will not have a template to select, making new page creation in that directory unavailable.

To allow an empty folder to be available for creation, leave the New Folder checkbox selected. The users can then create an empty folder, which can be used for folders containing such files as images or documents.

It is possible to create a template group that has templates that are available to some groups by using the group assignment in Templates Management screen. For example, in Templates one of the faculty templates could be assigned a group named Tenure. The other could be assigned a group named Faculty. Both templates can still be included in the template group Faculty, which is then assigned to the Faculty directory. When creating a new page in the Faculty directory, the Tenure template is only available to the Tenure user group and the Faculty template is available to the Faculty user group. All created pages of both types remain in the same directory.

Template Groups can be edited at any time by clicking on the hyperlinked name of the group or the wrench icon:Wrench Icon. Remember to commit all changes using the Update button.

If a group needs to be deleted, use the trash can icon:Trashcan icon. Remember, this will affect any toolbar to which this group was assigned.


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Assigning Template Groups

After creating a Template Group, it can be applied to a site or directory through the Access settings. The change can be made recursively to update any directories within it if appropriate. Leaving the Template Group set to None, allows access to all template; even though, restrictions are still possible from the Template Management screen by assigning a user group to a template.

Access Settings


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