Configuring Spell Check

The spell-check feature for the WYSIWYG Editor can be configured for the use of custom dictionaries. Currently the spell checker supports five languages, each with its own custom dictionary. The current languages supported are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Words for a dictionary can be bulk-loaded with the addition of a text file for each language desired. It is not necessary to create a dictionary for foreign language words used in English. These can be added to the default English dictionary.

A customized dictionary can be added by an administrator at the site level. The dictionary is located in the OMNI_RESOURCES directory. Additionally, custom dictionaries can be added at the account and skin level by OU Campus Technical Support. The advantage of adding dictionary files at the account level is that it can be inherited for sites within that account. Contact OU Campus Support to have a custom dictionary added at the account or skin level:

Technical Support

Granting Privileges to a User

Adding words to the dictionary from the WYSIWYG is included automatically for Level 9 and 10, and it can be made available to Level 1 and above users by an administrator.

1. Navigate to Setup > Users.

2. Under the User Preferences, select Add to Dictionary to allow a user to add words to a dictionary.

User Preferences Add to Dictionary



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Deleting Added Words

An administrator can delete words that have been added to the custom dictionaries. This is accessed through OMNI_RESOURCES > dictionaries. This should be set up prior to starting to add words to the dictionaries, but should a custom dictionary not be set up prior to adding a word, the system will create the custom dictionary.
Custom Dictionaries

  1. To delete a word, simply open and edit the desired dictionary.
  2. Delete the desired word(s). It is possible to also add words utilizing this process.
  3. Click the Save icon next to the Save as.
    Note: Do not change the name of the file.
  4. There is no publishing of the dictionary. The changes take effect immediately after clicking on the Save icon.
    Note: Do not send to another for approval.


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