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Overview of Servers

The OU Campus CMS by default includes two main delineation of servers: the staging server and the production server. If Multi-Target Publish has been enabled for the account, alternative publish targets may be configured and a user may be able to select one to publish to.


The staging server is used to store and serve web pages in the editing, workflow, and approval process prior to publishing on the target production server. Remember, when making updates to content within OU Campus and clicking the save button, that is only to save work. The content is not viewable on the web until the page is published.


The production server is updated via the staging server. Published pages are pushed to the production server and are ultimately served on the World Wide Web.

NOTE: When a file is deleted from the staging server, it is also deleted from the production server and any targets. So anytime a file is deleted, it is deleted from all locations.


All binary files (e.g., images, PDFs, and DOCs) are uploaded directly to the production server, even if using the staging server to perform the upload process. When uploading new files, verify that they have been uploaded to the production server correctly by clicking on the Production tab found in the Content > Pages view.

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