Configuring Page Check

Page Check is an optional feature Level 10 administrators can enable for OU Campus™ users. It includes the ability to check the page's spelling, links, W3C compliance, and accessibility compliance. The administrator will select which Page Check options will be made available, and will choose to enable it for all users, allow users to enable/disable it for themselves, or choose which users have access to it.

Enabling Page Check

Prior to using Page Check, it must be enabled. Keep in mind that the options enabled in Page Check will be the available options that can be enabled in Final Check.

Enable Page Check in Setup > Account. Enabling Page Check enables it for all sites within the account.
Setup Account

  1. Under the Publish Settings, enable Page Check.
    - Disabled turns Page Check off for all users.
    - Admin Enabled allows the administrator to select which users have access to Page Check.
    - User Enabled allows the user to turn on and off Page Check from within Dashboard > Preferences.
    - Force Enabled turns on Page Check for all users.Enable Page Check
  2. Check the box(es) next to the check(s) to be enabled.
    - Spell Check identifies any spelling errors on the page. The errors may be within editable regions to which the user does not have access, and may identify words that are not misspelled but need to be added to the custom dictionary.
    - Link Check identifies any broken links and provides any necessary warnings.
    - Page Validate lists any W3C warnings and errors.
    - Accessibility Check shows any problems that may make the page non-compliant with disability needs.Page Check Options

If using Accessibility Check, additional options will present themselves.

  1. Choose the type of accessibility expectations to be validated.
    Accessibility Options
  2. Decide what type(s) of problems are to be displayed.
    Accessibility Problems

Save any changes.

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