Using Final Check

Final Check gives a Level 10 administrator the ability to enforce spell checking, link checking, W3C validation checking, and/or accessibility checking before a page is published. The administrator will select which options will auto-run when an OU Campus™ user clicks on the Publish Now button.

The available Final Check options are based on the active Page Check options. See the Support page on Page Check for details on activating Page Check and to learn about the Page Check reports.

Enabling Final Check

To enable Final Check, a Level 10 administrator will navigate to Setup > Sites.
Setup Sites

  1. Click on the name the site to be edited or the wrench icon.Wrench Icon
  2. Check the box next to Final Check.
  3. Check the box(es) next to the check(s) to be performed automatically when Publish Now is clicked.

    Remember, only checks that are active in Setup > Account > Page Check will be available for activation here.
    Final Check Options
  4. Save the changes.

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Running Final Check

If Final Check is activated by an administrator, any time a page is published by clicking on the Publish Now button from the page view or the Publish icon from within the folder structure, any selected Final Check options will begin to run. They must run to completion prior to the Publish button at the bottom of the screen being available in order to complete the publication process.

Final Check

Once the check has completed, click on "New Win" where any errors are identified. It is strongly advised that the errors be resolved prior to publishing the page. However, the system will not prevent publication of the page.

Completed Final Check

Note: Any options that do not run automatically can be run by simply clicking on the green arrow prior to the name of the check.

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See the Support page on Page Check for details on the available checks and corresponding reports.


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