Pending Approvals

You can check to see those pages that are currently pending approval by clicking the Pending Approval button in the Admin tab.

Pending Approvals tab

After clicking on Pending Approvals within the Admin Tab, a window similar to the following will appear:

Pending approval screenshot

If you wish to preview a page, just click on the Preview icon:preview icon or you can compare this page with previous versions by clicking on the Compare icon:compare icon.

To check in a page, simply click the Check In icon:Check in icon.

If you'd like to reassign the page's approval to a different user, you can click on the Reassign icon: Reassign

Please note, if a page here is checked in, that pages normal approval process will be interrupted.

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Reassign the Approver

If you'd like to reassign an approver for a particular page, you can click on the reassign icon located on the far right side of the Pending Approvals list. This will provide you with a screen much like the following, to allow you to reassign the approver and notify all parties involved.

It's important to note here that ONLY level 9 and 10 admins, and users who have access to that page will show up in the drop down list for selection. If you should find that the approver you're looking for isn't available in the list, you'll need contact your administrator and have them add that user to the proper access group.

Reassign Approver

Notification of Reassignment

After reassigning a page's approver, the system will automatically send out an email notification to the user who originally sent the page in for approval notifying them that the approver has been changed. An additional email will also be sent to the new approver notifying them that a new page is awaiting their approval.

Please remember when reassigning a page for approval be sure to make your message very clear because the original person who sent the page for approval is also getting a copy of the message.

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