Checked Out Blog Entries

Checked out blog entries displays a list of blog entries that are currently checked out. Level 9, Assistant Administrators, and Level 10, Administrators, may check-in blog entries that are "locked" or "checked-out."

When a blog entry has been checked out by a user or sent to a user for approval, it is unavailable for editing by others and the red lock icon is shown on the Blogs screen.

Checked Out Blog Entries

If someone has checked out a page, logged out of the system, and forgotten to check that page back in, then no other users are able to edit it. This problem can be bypassed by clicking the Check In icon. Then, the page will be checked in and available for editing. Level 9 and 10 administrators have access to the Admin tab. The blog entry management screen is found at Admin > Checked Out Blog Entries.

Checked Out Blog Entries


This screens displays the following:

  • Blog Name: Blog names are "friendly names" and can represent completely different blogs and/or different users for the same blog.
  • Blog Entry Title: The field the user enters for the Title.
  • User: The OU Campus user that has the blog entry checked out.
  • Checked Out: Displays the date and time that the user checked out the entry.
  • Last Save: Displays the date and time that the entry was last saved.
  • Preview: Clickable icon linking to a preview of the blog entry.
  • Status: The Check-in icon (light bulb). Lit indicates it is checked out, click to check in and the blog entry is removed from the list.

It may be a good practice to consider when a blog entry was last checked out or last saved before administratively checking it back in. If current activity is suspected, it may be a good idea to contact the person who has currently checked out the blog entry in case they are still actively working on it.

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