Administration Overview

OU Campus is very flexible and offers administrators an abundance of tools, which they can utilize to make the sites within as permissive or restrictive as desired. Administrators can determine accessibility to a page or directory based on user level. One way sites can be customized by modifying the WYSIWYG toolbar to enable only certain editing functions based on content. Snippets and assets can be created for utilization by the end-user.

As a Level 10 administrator all tabs and menus are visible. For example, the Find/Replace function on the Content tab is only visible to a level 10. 

The Admin tab, used for managing and reporting functions, is visible to both the level 9 and level 10 administrators.

Level 9 administrators have greater access than other users, but are still restricted from viewing the Setup tab, which is only available to level 10 administrators.

Content Tab

The Content tab is the most used section of OU Campus. It can consist of several submenu items depending on authority level. These include:

  • Pages
  • Assets (as assigned)
  • Blogs (if enabled)
  • Recent Saves
  • Recent Publishes
  • Find/Replace (Level 10)

Content contributors can navigate the Pages view in order to edit, create, and publish new content. This includes adding assets, snippets, rss feeds and other content to pages. This might also include reviewing changed pages, assigning pages to an approver, and publishing pages. User level determines the available functionality of the Content tab.

Admin Tab

The Admin tab, which is available to Level 9 and 10 administrators, provides access to the managing and reporting functionality of OU Campus. The Admin tab is site specific, which means that the data displayed will be relative to the site in which the administrator is currently logged in. In addition to reporting functions, the submenus under the Admin tab might also include links to checking in pages or editing pages.

Setup Tab

The Setup tab includes functionality that is account- and site-specific. Frequently, a specific function will need to be enabled at the account level and configured at the site level prior to it being available for an end-user. While all setup screens can be accessed via the Setup tab, here are a few frequently used setup topics.

The Setup tab, which is available to Level 10 administrators, can be viewed as the configuration and main administration portion of OU Campus. The Setup tab has some elements that are site specific, and other information that is applied to all sites within the account.

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