Enabling Dependency Manager

After Dependency Manager is turned on for an account by the OmniUpdate Support Department, it is controlled at the account level.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account.Setup Account
  2. Check the box next to Enabled to turn on Dependency Manager. Unchecking this box will turn off Dependency Manager.

    Turning on Dependency Manager

    Keep in mind that turning off Dependency Manager will not revert any of the tags that are already created, nor the corresponding updates when a directory or file is renamed or moved. It will only prevent new tags from being inserted automatically, which will also prevent updates should newly created pages be moved or renamed.

  3. After enabling Dependency Manager in the Account settings, Dependency Manager can be turned on and off on a site-by-site basis in the Edit settings of the site; found in Setup > Sites.

    Dependency Manager Site
  4. After enabling Dependency Manager, two scans needs to be completed for each site within an account.

Please see the Using the Dependency Manager topic for more information about scanning, reverting scans, and how the dependency tags work.

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