About Live Delivery Platform (LDP)

Live Delivery Platform (LDP) is a set of interactive features provided as optional modules in OU Campus. LDP helps foster a dynamic website experience by allowing visitors to take advantage of popular interactive applications. With LDP, visitors have more access to the information they want, and live data on how these site visitors interact with the various applications can be gathered quickly and easily. LDP is accessed and managed through the secure OU Campus Interface. Some applications may require initial intervention by administrators and the installation of a server-side module (SSM). LDP extends the capabilities of OU Campus by allowing it to take advantage of the benefits of both decoupled (push) and dynamic (pull) CMS functionality.

Note: Live Delivery Platform is an optional set of features in OU Campus. Please contact the university's desginated OmniUpdate Sales Director for details.


Live Delivery Platform's Comments feature gives website visitors an opportunity to have their voice heard on the institutional website. Users can provide their perspective on a topic, like or dislike a page or another user's comment, create comment threads, and much more. Administrators have the tools to monitor all feedback, approve and moderate comments, and have granular control over who can input a comment.
Learn more about how to utilize Comments.


Live Delivery Platform's Forms features utilizes a server-side module and allows users to easily create and manage forms, surveys, and polls in OU Campus. Users will create assets, which can then be inserted onto a page. Within the asset creation, a user will be able to utilize six available fields, including single line text, multi-line text, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, and multi-select. Users can also elect to have the results of form submissions emailed to one or more recipients.
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Image Galleries

Live Delivery Platform's Image Galleries feature allows users to easily create and manage image galleries in OU Campus. Users can upload images into the gallery; provide a title, caption, and description information; and drag and drop images to modify the order. OU Campus will automatically generate thumbnails based on user-defined settings. LDP Image Galleries are centrally managed assets that can be used on multiple pages, even with a different look and feel.
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