Publish Threshold

When an asset is published, it will republish all of the pages that subscribe to the asset.  The Publish Threshold setting places a limit on the amount of pages that a level 8 or below user can republish at once.  When a user below level 9 attempts to publish an asset, it is first determined how many pages will be affected. If this number is greater than the threshold, the asset will not publish, and the user will be notified and allowed to send the asset to an admin for approval.

Configuring Threshold for Assets

Level 10 administrator privileges are necessary for configuring this setting.

  1. Navigate to the Setup Account
  2. Under Publish Settings > Publish Threshold enter the page threshold. If the number entered is 0, then no threshold is set and any number of pages will be allowed to be republished.
  3. After the desired threshold number was entered, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the changes. The threshold has now been set for the account.

Set Publish Threshold

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