Asset Manager Access Settings

Level 10 administrators can define access settings for Asset Manager. This allows the Level 10 administrator to limit access to create, approve, publish, and use Assets.

Change Access Settings for Asset Manager

  1. As a Level 10 user, navigate to Setup > Sites.
    Setup Sites
  2. Find the site for which the access settings are to be edited.
  3. Select the Asset Access icon on the right under the Access heading.
    Site Actions Asset Access
  4. Asset Access controls the settings for Access, Publishers, Readers, and an Approver, as well as access settings based on Asset type.
  5. Complete the fields by selecting the groups or users that are desired for the listed options.

    Recursive Modifications: Selecting "This folder and all existing items within" will apply the changes to everything currently created and all Assets going forward.

    Access: Defines which group has access to create Assets. None will allow only administrators to have access, and Everyone will grant access to all users with permissions to create new Assets granted to Level 4 and above.

    Publishers: Defines a group that can bypass individual Asset Approver settings to publish an Asset.

    Readers: Specifies the group that has the ability to use created Assets on a page. A setting of Everyone allows everyone to see and use an Asset. Restricting access specifies that the particular group would not be able to view nor use the Asset.

    Approver: Identifies the individual to whom Assets must be sent in order to be published unless the user creating or updating the Asset is in the Publishers group.

If you select the "This folder and all existing items within" option in this panel, it will change the settings for ALL assets on the Staging Server.

Additionally, individual asset access settings can be edited from the Content > Assets view by clicking the Access icon, which will override the settings defined here.Individual Asset Access Icon

The following screen contains the access settings for the Asset Manager. Note that the access settings changed from the Setup > Sites view can affect all the Assets for the site. Therefore, if access is limited to "None," then only administrators will be able to view and use Asset Manager. Readers determine the group that has the ability to use the Asset. Setting Readers to Everyone enables all users to view and use the Asset Manager. When editing an individual Asset's access settings the Recursive Modifications settings will not be displayed. The Recursive Modifications are only used at the site level.

When defining groups under the Asset Access Settings section, keep in mind that this is defining who can create this type of Asset. However, anyone can be granted editing rights to the Asset.

Shows Asset Manager Access Settings

For more information see: OU Campus Access Settings.


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Individual Access Settings for Assets

Similar to pages, access settings can be changed to limit access to users or groups, and assign approvers, publishers, and users to an Asset. While the initial settings may be defined at the site level, they can be overriden at an individual Asset level by selecting the Access IconAccess iconand using the following screen:

Assign Asset Access Settings

With the exception of the Readers setting, Access settings for Assets work in the same way as for pages. Asset access restrictions can limit the editing, publishing, and use of an Asset. For an example, an Asset's access is set for User A (but not User B). User B cannot edit, manipulate, or publish the Asset. However, User B can use the Asset in the Source Editor or the WYSIWYG Editor. The Readers setting limits the ability to see, and therefore use, the Asset by user or group.


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