Generating a Sitemap

A sitemap can be generated for use with Google's indexing and more. The sitemap will generate an XML file, which can then be reused to create a site index, submitted to Google, or used in another fashion as determined by the site's designers and administrators.

A Level 10 administrator can generate a sitemap when ready. Regenerating a sitemap will overwrite an existing sitemap. The administrator should ensure that any pages that should not be included in the indexing, such as references to template and navigation files, be excluded from the sitemap generation prior to using the Export Sitemap function.

Generating a Sitemap

A Level 10 administrator can generate a sitemap.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Sites.
    Setup Sites
  2. Under Export, click on the "Generate Sitemap" icon.
    Export Sitemap
  3. Click "OK" on the warning that pops up if a new sitemap should be generated.
    Overwrite Warning
  4. Click on the link in the success message to see the generated sitemap XML file.
    Generated Sitemap

The provided URL can then be submitted to Google, or used on the website.

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Excluding Files, Directories, and Assets

It is possible for a Level 10 administrator to choose certain files, entire directories, and Assets that should be excluded from the sitemap creation.

Within the access settings for a particular page, directory, or Asset, click on the box next to "Exclude From Sitemap."
Exclude from Sitemap

Page Access Example

Exclude Page

If all files within a directory should be excluded, use the recursive option and apply the setting to "This folder and all existing items within." Make sure to check both boxes that show up; one selecting that the option be included in the recursive selection, and the other selecting to exclude the directories and pages.
Recursive Exclusion

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