Configuring the Recycle Bin

A Level 10 administrator can set up the recycle bin feature from Setup > Sites. The use of the recycle bin is a site-by-site configuration that by default is enabled for an account. If the recycle bin is not configured for a site, then files can only be permanently deleted rather than being sent to the recycle bin. 

Setting up a Recycle Bin

1. Navigate to Setup > Sites.

2. Click the Edit icon for the site. Edit Sites

3. Under Site Preferences in the Recycle Bin field, define the name for the recycle bin directory. It must begin with a forward slash /. For example: /recyclebin. A green check mark indicates the file name is correctly entered. The recycle bin must be at the root of the site, nested directory recycle bins are not supported.

Note: Once setup, the recycle bin is not visible as a directory at the root of the staging server from the Content > Pages view.

However, administrators with access to the staging server via FTP, can use a "dot" filename (e.g., /.trash or /.recyclebin). Prefix the filename with a "." makes the recycle bin folder hidden to most FTP clients.

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For more information about recycling, restoring, and deleting files, deleting directories, and emptying the recycling bin:

Recycling & Restoring

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