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Add-Ons Tab

The Add-Ons tab provides an interface for custom applications to be used through OU Campus. New Add-Ons can be added without additional programming. Available functionality must be set up by a Level 10 administrator.

New web applications such as web analytics tools, event calendars, polls, wikis, course management systems, and more can be added to the Add-Ons tab. To access any such added applications, simply click the Add-Ons tab, then click the name of the application displayed below.

Add-Ons can also be created for common reference sites such as campus style guides or any other site.

The Add-Ons tab allows links to as many different files and applications to be set as desired. The links can be made available to administrators only, and they can be set to open in a new window if the page to which the link is pointing will not correctly open or display in a frame.

Enabling and Creating a New Add-Ons

Level 10 administrator privileges are required to edit account settings.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account > Add-Ons.

    Adding a New Add-On
  2. Click on the New button under Add-Ons.
  3. Give the link a friendly name, which will display in the Add-Ons tab.
  4. Enter the URL to page that should be displayed within the frame.
  5. To make the add-on available to administrators only, select the check box next to Admin Only.
  6. To open the application in a new window, select the check box next to Open in New Window.
  7. Repeat the steps for any additional links to be created. The add-ons are saved when the Account settings are saved, and the tab is shown upon refreshing. Any links that are available to administrators only will appear bold to the administrator and are hidden from all other users.

Example of an Add-On in OU Campus

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Delete and Reorder Add-Ons

Deleting Add-Ons

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account > Add-Ons
  2. Click the Delete link for the add-on no longer desired.

Reordering Add-Ons

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account > Add-Ons
  2. Reorder the add-ons by dragging and dropping the boxes under Add-Ons to the desired order.

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