Site Login


Administrators within the Super Administration interface can log in to any OU Campus site that resides within the skin. When logging in, administrators can choose the account and site to which they will log in, as well as which user to log in as. Recent log ins are also tracked and provided as shortcut links.

There are two different methods by which an administrator can log into a site: Either from the Site Login button in the global navigation bar or the Sites list view after selecting an account from the Accounts list view. 

Site Login Button Locations

Logging in from the Global Navigation Bar

  1. From the global navigation bar, click Site Login.

    Site Login Button in Global Navigation Bar
  2. The OU Campus Login modal is now displayed.

    OU Campus Login Modal
  3. Select an account from the Account drop-down menu. This displays all accounts in the SuperAdmin skin.

    Account Drop-Down Menu
  4. Select a site from the Site drop-down menu. This displays all sites that exist within the selected account.

    Site Drop-Down Menu
  5. Finally, select a user to log in as from the User drop-down menu. All users in the selected account will be visible.

    User Drop-Down Menu
  6. Click Log In.

Logging in to a site from Super Administration logs the user in to the Dashboard view of OU Campus. Logging out from a site that was logged in to from Super Administration logs the user out of the site and sends them back to the SuperAdmin interface, where they will remain logged in.

Logging in from the Accounts List View

  1. From the Accounts screen, hover over the account row and select Sites from the hover options listed. Alternatively, select the checkbox next to the account name and Click Sites from the table header.

    Hovering Over an Account in the Accounts List View
  2. From the Sites screen, hover over the site row and select Log In from the hover options. Alternatively, select the checkbox next to the site name and click Log In from the table header.

    Clicking Log In from the Sites Screen
  3. In the OU Campus Login modal, select a user to log in as. Note that Account and Site are pre-populated and cannot be changed.

    User Drop-Down in OU Campus Login Modal - Account and Site Fields Locked
  4. Click Log In.