The SuperAdmin interface includes two reports: All Users and All Groups. The All Users report shows all users that exist inside all accounts in the current skin. Even though this report is visible through the SuperAdmin interface, this report does not show the Administrators at the SuperAdmin level (use the Administrators button in the global navigation bar to view that information). The All Groups report gives a list of all groups that exist inside all accounts in the current skin. The Reports menu can be found in the global navigation bar of the SuperAdmin interface.

Reports Menu Options

All Users

The All Users report displays a list of all users for all accounts that exist within the selected skin. It can be found at Reports > All Users  inside the SuperAdmin interface.

This brings up the All Users list view. The list can be filtered using the Filter tool, and contains the following columns:

  • User: The username within the system.
  • Name: The first and last name as defined in the user settings.
  • Priv: The level of the user. For more information about user levels, visit the Permissions Chart page.
  • Last Login: Date and time that the user last logged in to the system.
  • Last Save: Indicates the date and time of the last save.
  • Saves: Number of saves that user has performed in the course of its lifetime. Saves of pages, images, and other files are all counted.
  • Account: Lists the account in which the user exists.

All columns can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate table header. Clicking the linked user name shows the user settings, which can then be edited. 

All Users Report

All Groups

The All Groups report shows a list of all groups inside all the accounts within the skin. The All Groups report can be navigated to from Reports > All Groups in the SuperAdmin interface. Group membership can be edited from within the account in which they were created.

The All Groups report can be filtered using the Filter tool. The list view contains the following columns:

  • Name: Name of the group.
  • Account: The account in which the group exists.

For more information about groups, visit the Groups page.

All Groups Report