Optional Features


The Optional Features panel under Account Settings in the SuperAdmin interface includes several settings that, when enabled at the account level, may be enabled or disabled for each site within the account. The Optional Features and functionality can be defined with the creation of a new account for the skin or defined later by editing the account settings. The Optional Features panel is also available through the OU Campus interface for Level 10 administrators via Setup > Account. Note that caution should be used when disabling specific Optional Features that have been enabled and are in use for sites, as this can greatly change the functionality that users are expecting.

Optional Features Panel in SuperAdmin

The Optional Features panel includes the following features:

Asset Manager: Select the checkbox to enable Asset Manager for the account. Not available at the site level.

For more information, visit the Assets page.

Binary Management: Select the checkbox to enable Binary Management for the account. Dependency Manager must be enabled to use Binary Management. Binary Management can then be enabled or disabled for each site.

For more information, visit the Binary Management page.

Dependency Manager: Select the checkbox to enable Dependency Manager for an account. Once enabled, Dependency Manager must also be enabled for each site. It must be enabled in order to enable Binary Management.

For more information, visit the Dependency Manager page.

LDP: Select the checkbox to enable Live Delivery Platform for an account. This option will only be available if the institution has purchased the Live Delivery Platform (LDP) module.

For more information, visit the LDP Settings page.

Multi-Browser Preview: Select the checkbox to enable Multi-Browser preview for the account. Click the Configure button to choose which browser versions, operating systems, and mobile displays are available when running Multi-Browser Preview on a page.

For more information, visit the Configure Multi-Browser Preview page.

Reveal Site Password: Select the checkbox to allow a site's FTP password to be revealed in Site Settings by clicking on the eye icon next to the Password field in the Production Server FTP Settings panel. Not available at the site level.