Login Settings


The Login Settings panel in the SuperAdmin interface allows administrators to configure settings that pertain to logging in to a site within the selected an account.

The options available in the Login Settings panel are as follows:

  • Failed Login Attempts: Sets the number of consecutive failed login attempts before a user is locked out. If locked out, a user will need to be unlocked by an administrator in the SuperAdmin interface or a level 10 administrator in the OU Campus interface.
  • Lockdown: When selected, this settings prevents all users from logging in to the selected account. This option does not affect super administrators

Login Settings Panel in SuperAdmin


Lockdown for an account is available exclusively through the SuperAdmin interface. It affects users and administrators of OU Campus, but not super administrators.

The Lockdown checkbox can be used to completely lock down the account and all sites within it and immediately prevents all users from logging in. Within 30 seconds of enabling a lockdown, all access to OU Campus is blocked to any currently logged-in users. Any logged in users will receive the following message:

"The requested account has been locked down. Please contact your system administrator or OmniUpdate Support."

Any scheduled actions that were previously scheduled and would have taken place during a lockdown are delayed until the lockdown has been removed. Scheduled actions include:

  • Scheduled Publish
  • Scheduled Reminder
  • Stale Reminder
  • Schedule Expire with Delete
  • Schedule Expire with Redirect
  • Schedule Expire with Replace

Once lockdown is disabled, any actions that had been scheduled to take place are rescheduled to take place at the next possible 15 minute interval (:00, :15, :30, :45). Any actions that had been previously been scheduled before the lockdown occurred and are scheduled to take place after the lockdown has been removed will occur as originally scheduled.